Host Pseu Braun blows minds spinning left-of-center pop on freeform, listener-supported WFMU each and every Thursday from noon to 3pm EST. I first met Pseu when a band I was playing in played a live session on her show (this was way back around the turn of the millennium). 
Fortunately for me, she has kept playing my own music over the years, even inviting me to co-host and perform in the studio a few times. One of the things I miss most about NYC was dropping by the studio and cheerfully attempting (and generally failing) to stump her knowledge on some obscure power pop band.
Pseu asked me if I would design a T-shirt for WFMU's 2014 Pledge Drive and this is what I came up with. 
Vintage anatomy textbook heart from
Cheap and cheerful two-colour screen printing. Who doesn't love that?
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