It was a true privilege to be asked to finally work up a sleeve design for a posthumous album by the great Swedish band Favorita.
Singer-songwriter-guitarist Magnus Börjeson formed the band after the break-up of his beloved and much more widely-known pop group Beagle. A comparatively aggressively rocking four-piece, Favorita released a pair of wonderful singles and had their record "forthcoming" for three years, trapped in record company hell until finally Magnus lost interest and moved on.​​​​​​​
The unreleased tracks for this stunner of an album sat in the proverbial vault for a dozen years, breathlessly traded piecemeal by Scandi-pop and Power Pop cognoscenti alike. Finally über-fan Luke Jackson stepped up to make the dream real on his sadly short-lived Popsicle Records.
Fortunately for me, the rolls of film from the band's contemporaneous photo sessions with Nils Bergendahl also sat in the vault, waiting for the day where they would make my job VERY easy!

Excerpts from the 16-page booklet. The booklet cover photo was to be the original cover proper, but everyone agreed — the dog stays in the picture.

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