LP and Digital sleeve art for NYC jazz-rock band Edge's 2020 album “Keep Me Around”
The four members of Larchmont, NY high school band Edge “reformed” to make their first debut after four decades following their separate trails in music. Nobody knew where to start crafting an “image” for a group that willfully (and skillfully) fuses disparate genres with abandon, With a tiny budget.
Thank goodness for repeated headphone listens and squinting while browsing Unsplash.

Sleeve Back Cover

A fascinating little bit of Oral History on the sleeve insert
Record labels
Front sleeve image by Tim Dennert. Back cover image by Jorge Salvador. Inner sleeve cropped record player photo by Giovanni Randisi. A side label image by thr3 eyes. B side label image by Jeremy Perkins. Photos courtesy of Unsplash.com, the world’s most generous community of photographers.
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