My brief was to create an infographic providing clear narrative and visual expression of an inter-agency community of practice's thinking regarding contraceptive and method choice. 
Starting with preliminary visualizations and a palette recommendation from E2A comms director Maren Vespia
We queried the working group in order to clarify the most significant elements and processes needed to visualize the model
Working in illustrator, we explored different visualizations of the roles and relationships between elements
"We forgot to include impact!"
As the team coalesced upon the most relevant elements and the clearest terms for them, we began to focus on illustrating the interaction and flows between them
Further refining the visualization, we came up with a circular model that more represented inter-relationships between inflows and outflows.
This initiative came from an ad-hoc working group co-funded by Health Policy Plus (Palladium) and Evidence to Action, (Pathfinder)
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